Spanish Classes for Kids

We make language learning educational, fun, easy and a positive experience for toddlers and kids!

In school classes

Spanish in Action offers year-round in school classes to small groups. Classes are tailored per group and created to develop conversation about everyday subjects. Our program is educational and centered around fun, games, music, and art.

In school classes

Online classes

Learn with our native and experienced teachers from the comfort of your home through our interactive online immersion classes. Our virtual classes are thoughtfully crafted to make learning Spanish a fun and educational experience.

Online classes

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Spanish Classes for Kids: WHY US?

Founded in 1986, this is an 8,000-student-loved, tested, and proven-to-be successful Spanish teaching program. It has helped children achieve higher placement in Spanish classes in Junior High and High School, providing them with a solid foundation from a young age.

  • Spanish in Action optimizes learning time by leveraging the expertise of our experienced native teachers. They are adept at providing instruction, inspiration, and engagement to every distinct group of children.

  • We use Montessori-style methods and techniques catered to all different learning styles. Our lessons incorporate engaging original songs and materials, manipulatives, movement, art, games, culture, and even Latin food tastings!

  • We wholeheartedly value every child, aiming to cultivate a culture of respectful and kind student-teacher interactions while fostering a warm and nurturing environment. Our unparalleled passion and meticulous attention to every facet of the learning journey set us apart.