Spanish Immersion Summer Camps

For Children at our School

Immerse your child in a world of learning with our dynamic Spanish immersion summer camps for ages 4 to 9. Our engaging program blends fun and education, incorporating activities like games, singing, art projects, storytelling, and role-playing to reinforce practical vocabulary for everyday Spanish conversations.

Our diverse approach caters to various learning styles, ensuring a memorable language-learning experience. Dive into Latin culture with activities like food tasting, popular songs, and pretend store interactions. Kids take home a personally crafted book and delightful goodies. Join us for a summer of laughter and learning!

Program Highlights

  • Camps are fun and tailor-made for each group
  • Engage all senses for a thorough learning experience
  • Daily art projects and fun cultural party games
  • Learn songs performed by native Spanish singers
  • Build and enrich vocabulary to encourage everyday conversation
  • Children will craft their own Spanish keepsake book
  • Learn about the Latin Culture
  • Native teachers with 30+ years of experience


Every session is different!
  • Let’s learn Spanish! 

    Your child knows some or no words in Spanish.

    This is a great camp to introduce the language! Children will learn everyday topics such as greetings, colors, numbers, foods, and more while shopping at our pretend stores, doing art projects, playing fun games, tasting foods, dancing, and singing!

    (received 0-1 years of instruction) Your kids will discover a whole new world of Spanish-speaking countries and their cultures, widening their minds and broadening their thinking skills.

    They will also create their Spanish keepsake book! We make it a fun, memorable experience for our little ones to love learning Spanish!

  • A Summer of Language and Fun!

    Children discover the joy of Spanish learning at our immersive summer camp! Designed for kids who know some or no words in Spanish.

    Our dynamic program, featuring pretend-store shopping, art projects, games, music, movement, and more, ensures a fun and engaging way for children to build their Spanish vocabulary and love learning a new language.

    We explore Spanish-speaking countries, expanding their minds and enhancing their critical thinking skills. Plus, kids create their own Spanish keepsake book, enjoying a memorable experience while laying the foundation for bilingualism.

  • Let’s use and practice your Spanish!

    Perfect for kids who have an extensive everyday vocabulary and speak fluently in sentences of at least 6-7 words.

    Building upon their existing knowledge, students will delve into summer-themed subjects and practical phrases, promoting not just vocabulary growth but also fluency and dynamic class conversations.

    Our engaging activities include pretend-store shopping, art projects, games, food tasting, dancing, singing, acting, and more! We’re dedicated to continuing the exploration of Spanish-speaking countries and cultures, enhancing their critical thinking skills.

    As a special project, each child will create their own Spanish keepsake book, adding a personal touch to their language journey. The goal is to continue building a solid foundation for your child’s bilingual future

  • Let’s Talk!

    Students confidently produce ten-word sentences, expressing original thoughts while conversing with the teacher and peers about everyday situations.

    Building on this foundation, we’ll delve into new summer subjects and vocabulary phrases, refining accent and fluency with longer, detailed sentences. The learning experience is filled with enjoyable activities like games, singing, dancing, pretend-store shopping, arts and crafts, topped off with creating a special Spanish book to take home.

    Join us for a summer of linguistic growth and fun-filled learning!

Schedule 2024

Hours: Monday through Friday 9 am to 12 noon pst.
(Please see descriptions of levels).

  • $20 OFF early bird discount, use code: "summer20" (Ends March 31st)
  • Bring a NEW friend and you each get $30 OFF! Discounts will be applied after both families register for camp.
  • Discounts are non-combinable.
Cancellation & Refund Policy
  • Refunds available until May 1st if spot is filled; no refunds thereafter.
What to bring
  • Please bring your own lunch box.
  • We provide healthy snacks and water.