Summer Spanish Immersion Camps

for Children at our School

Our summer Spanish immersion camp for children ages 3.5 to 10 is designed for them to have a fun, positive, and educational experience learning and practicing Spanish throughout the summer months!

We offer various sessions based on fluency levels to help our students learn and practice Spanish in a small group setting. Sessions are modeled after our successful year-round program, emphasizing learning through extended game-playing, song-singing, dancing, arts and crafts, and role-playing. We rotate through a variety of stations to satisfy different learning styles.

Kids immerse themselves in the Latin culture by enjoying food tastings, learning popular songs, and creating real-life scenarios so they can practice Spanish like they would at a store or while on vacation. There are prizes and take-home goodies every day!

The Summer Immersion Camps are also an excellent way for your child to try our program if you are considering signing up for our year-round classes.

Program Highlights

  • Camps are fun and tailor-made for each group
  • Utilize all five senses in the learning process
  • Daily art projects and fun cultural party games
  • Learn songs performed by native Spanish singers
  • Build and widen vocabulary to encourage everyday conversation
  • Children will create their own Spanish book keepsake
  • Learn about the Latin Culture
  • Native teachers with 30+ years of experience


Every session is different!
  • For children who know some or no words in Spanish.

    Camp will introduce your child to the language in a fun and engaging way, utilizing singing, dancing, arts and crafts, and your child will create their own Spanish keepsake book. We teach practical everyday vocabulary, work on developing a clear accent, and discuss Latin cultures to broaden thinking skills. Children will leave the camp with a very positive attitude towards the Spanish language and culture and will ask you for more, guaranteed!

  • For children who have taken Spanish lessons for two to three years.

    Children at this level know foundational vocabulary and are beginning to communicate and put words together to express simple ideas in Spanish. The teacher will utilize various activities that allow children to practice Spanish in everyday situations so they can take the knowledge from camp to the real world. Singing, dancing, arts and crafts, role-playing, and creating their own Spanish book are incorporated into planned activities.

  • Children at this level know a variety of everyday vocabulary, can express simple ideas, and are beginning to build reading and writing skills.

    In this camp, the children will use the knowledge they have to converse about everyday situations. They will continue to expand their vocabulary to express thoughts to the teacher and classmates. Together we will continue to work on accent and fluency as their sentences become longer and more detailed. Singing, dancing, arts and crafts, and making their own Spanish book are incorporated into everyday activities.


Hours: Monday through Friday 9 am to 12 noon pst.
(Please see descriptions of levels).

  • $340 each session.
  • $30 off early bird discount (ends March 31st)
  • Bring a NEW friend and you each get $30 OFF! Discounts will be applied after both families register for camp.
  • Discounts are non-combinable.
Cancellation & Refund Policy
  • We will reimburse 25% of your Summer camp registration if canceled before May 31st. There will be no reimbursement after June 1st.
  • We do not offer a refund for any reason.
What to bring
  • Please bring your own lunch box and a water bottle.