Mommy and Me Spanish Classes

Parents and caregivers learn with their toddlers!

Our Mommy and Me classes in Spanish (Dads and Caregivers too!) for ages 1-3 are carefully planned to engage children in fun activities using music, movement, singing, visual aids, instruments, dance, stories, puppets, parachutes, costumes, and more!

Grown-ups will learn Spanish the same natural way young kids acquire languages, feeling at ease and comfortable in a friendly and positive environment. We make speaking Spanish an enriching experience and create a solid base for acquiring languages from the beginning.

Children will go home singing and speaking practical everyday words that you can start using immediately after class and bond with your child in a unique way.

Mommy and Me Spanish Classes: PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS

  • Musical instruments, puppets, scarves, parachutes, tunnels, balls, stuffed animals, and more.
  • Lively games, dance, and music, reinforce the lessons.
  • Fun and engaging classes, tailor-made for each group.
  • Sing modern, enjoyable songs you will never forget.
  • Learn practical and easy vocabulary to use at home.
  • Acquire a clear, native Spanish accent.
  • Live guitar playing by one of our instructors
  • Socialize and make new friends!

Mommy & Me: choose your class

1- Sing, Move, and Play in Spanish! (Tuesdays)

2- Dance, Play, and Storytelling in Spanish! (Fridays)

The two classes we offer are uniquely different and many families choose to register for both.

Read below for description of classes

1- Sing, Move and Play in Spanish! (Tuesdays)
  • Join us for an interactive and fun class where our instructor, Luis, from Mexico, skillfully plays the guitar, inspiring everyone to sing, play games, and move. This class is designed to develop speech and listening skills while training young ears to acquire languages from an early age. Children will learn useful vocabulary, including greetings, numbers, action verbs, animals, body parts, and more. Get ready for an exciting musical journey with Luis!"
2- Dance, Play, and Storytelling in Spanish! (Fridays)
  • Join our unique class with Karla, an inspiring Zumba and Preschool teacher from Mexico, to learn practical vocabulary for use at home with your child! Through fun games, songs, storytelling, and dance, your child will play with musical instruments, puppets, and costumes and socialize with other families with the same passion for early language learning.
  • The two classes we offer are uniquely different and many families choose to register for both.
  • There are no make-up or refunds for missed classes.