Spanish Immersion Classes

Year-Round Language Lessons for Children at Our School in Manhattan Beach

Looking for Spanish lessons for your children in the South Bay? With 37 years of experience, we offer year-round Spanish immersion classes that prioritize both fun and effective learning. Our classroom environment is thoughtfully crafted to be nurturing, stimulating, and positive. This fosters a comfortable space for students to practice Spanish in small groups, ultimately preparing them to connect with the 600 million Latin speakers worldwide.

Our native teachers, each with over 30 years of language teaching expertise, are handpicked with great care. They infuse their lessons with love and enthusiasm, reflecting our deep commitment to our families and every individual student.

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Spanish Immersion Classes: PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS

  • Small groups of up to 12 students per class
  • Students author their own Spanish book
  • Fun and educational lessons, tailor-made for each group
  • Acquire conversational vocabulary for everyday situations
  • Focus on conversation
  • Sing along to our catchy original songs crafted specifically for our program
  • Fun games, acting, arts and crafts, and storytelling to reinforce each lesson
  • Engage all five senses to absorb information
  • Attain a fluent, native Spanish accent
  • Immerse yourself in Latin culture and learn to connect with local

Spanish Immersion Classes: DESCRIPTION OF LEVELS

If you're new, unfamiliar with class levels, or have questions about finding the right placement for your child, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our classes are thoughtfully organized by level and age, guaranteeing every student's satisfactory development aligned with their language proficiency and learning pace.
  • Your child knows some or no words in Spanish.

    Students start by immersing themselves in everyday vocabulary. By the end of the year, they’ll be adept at expressing simple ideas in concise sentences. They will develop an authentic accent and a profound awareness of Latin culture, enriching their perspectives and enhancing critical thinking skills. They’ll explore a range of practical topics including greetings, colors, numbers, family, opposites, verbs, weather, food, and more. Each subject is complemented with functional and practical sentence structures for effective language acquisition.

  • Your child is familiar with the practical everyday vocabulary outlined in the Beginners 1 level description.

    Students will continue to enhance their foundational skills and expand their vocabulary, enabling them to articulate simple thoughts effectively outside of class. They will construct more elaborate and detailed sentences. Additionally, they will learn common language structures in Spanish, such as ‘I have/I don’t have…’, ‘I like/I don’t like…’, ‘I am/I am not…’, encouraging conversations about everyday life situations.

  • Your child is familiar with the practical everyday vocabulary listed in levels Beginners 1 and 2.

    As of the end of the school year (June), this class has successfully covered half of the Beginners 2 curriculum. Our focus will be on accomplishing the remaining goals for Beginners 2, with an eye toward transitioning to the next level as we maintain steady progress.

  • Your child has an extensive everyday vocabulary, speaks fluently in sentences of at least 6-7 words, and comprehends all Spanish spoken in class.

    Building upon vocabulary and knowledge from previous levels, students will incorporate additional detail through the introduction of new adjectives, nouns, and verbs. This will enhance fluency and promote active class conversation. Essential reading and writing skills will be introduced.

  • Your child knows everyday vocabulary and expresses simple ideas fluently in 7-10 word sentences.

    Students build on prior Spanish knowledge, expanding vocabulary, mechanics, and refining fluency and accent for detailed sentence structures. They’re introduced to new action verbs and diverse subjects through activities and games. Continued focus on reading and writing skills.

  • Your child is proficient in having conversations about their everyday life in Spanish.

    Students will acquire proper mechanics, learn new skills to express ideas, master a rich vocabulary, and practice reading and writing simple sentences and short paragraphs.

  • Your child possesses an expansive vocabulary, can converse about everyday situations, and read and write Spanish sentences that express many of their ideas and thoughts in the target language.

    Students will continue to expand upon the strong base they already have and learn new topics and structures. In addition, we will work on fluency and accent, with the conversation being the priority.

Schedule 2023-24, PDT

  • Our classes run continuously from September 5th, 2023 to June 13th, 2024.
  • Classes meet for one hour per week.
  • Arrange a small group class with your child’s friends on a day and time that suits you.
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Here's what sets us apart!

Continue reading to find out more about our unique program of 37 years loved by over 8000+ students.

Our Program
  • TEACHER QUALIFICATIONS: College degree in teaching a second language.
  • EXPERIENCE: 10-30+ years required.
  • CURRICULUM: Expertly developed and proven effective.
  • MATERIALS: Custom-designed, original graphics tailored to enhance each lesson.
  • SONGS: Tailor-made by Disney and Nickelodeon artists for our program.
  • CULTURE: We immerse kids in the rich culture of Spanish-speaking countries.
  • CLASSROOM: Vibrant, bathed in natural light, rich Latin decor.
Other Programs
  • TEACHER QUALIFICATIONS: No studies on teaching a second language.
  • EXPERIENCE: No experience required.
  • CURRICULUM: Cobbled together from various resources.
  • MATERIALS: Compilation of readily available market resources.
  • SONGS: Use outdates and dull songs.
  • CULTURE: Teach the language only.
  • CLASSROOM: Basic and functional.