Year-Round Spanish Immersion Classes

for Children at our School

Our year-round Spanish immersion classes for children are based on our 36 years of experience offering high-quality lessons that make learning fun and enjoyable. Our classroom environment is intentionally nurturing, stimulating, and positive. This encourages students to feel comfortable practicing their Spanish in small groups, in order to then go out and connect with the 400 million Latin speakers worldwide.

We carefully select each of our native teachers, who have 30+ years of experience teaching languages. They plan and deliver lessons with love and enthusiasm because we care deeply for our families and each of our students.

Program Highlights

  • Small groups of up to 12 students per class
  • Students author their own Spanish book
  • Fun and educational lessons, tailor-made for each group
  • Learn practical topics to talk about everyday situations
  • Focus on conversation
  • Sing-along songs performed by native Spanish artists
  • Fun games, acting, arts and crafts, and storytelling to reinforce each lesson
  • Use all five senses to absorb information
  • Acquire a clear, native Spanish accent
  • Connect with the Latin culture and locals

Description of Levels

If you are new, unfamiliar with the class levels, or have questions about finding the right class placement for your child please contact us.
  • Your child knows some or no words in Spanish.

    Students begin by learning everyday vocabulary and finish the year able to express simple ideas in short sentences. They will develop an authentic accent and have a strong awareness of the Latin culture, opening their minds and widening their thinking skills. Everyday topics such as greetings, colors, numbers, family, opposites, action verbs, the weather, foods, and more are introduced, with functional and useful sentence structures that go with each subject.

  • Your child knows the practical everyday vocabulary listed in the beginners 1 level description.

    Students will continue to build on fundamental skills and broaden their vocabulary to express simple ideas they can use outside of class. Their sentences will be longer and more detailed. They will also learn common structures in Spanish, such as “I have/I don’t have…” “I like/ I don’t like…”, “I am/I am not…” to encourage conversation about everyday life situations.

  • Your child knows the practical everyday vocabulary listed in the beginners 1 and 2 level description.
    This class has completed half of the Beg 2 curriculum as of June 2023. We will concentrate on achieving the goals set for Beg 2 and move to the next level as we make consistent progress.

  • Your child has a vast everyday vocabulary, fluently speaks at least  6-7 word sentences, and understands all the Spanish spoken in class.

    Students will use the vocabulary and knowledge acquired from the previous levels, focusing on adding more detail through new adjectives, nouns, and verbs, strengthening fluency, and conversing in class. Essential reading and writing skills are introduced.

  • Your child knows everyday vocabulary, expresses simple ideas, and fluently speaks 7-10 word sentences.

    Students continue to build upon the previous years of Spanish knowledge, expand their vocabulary and mechanics, and work on fluency and accent to enrich sentence structure with more detail. New action verbs and diverse subjects are introduced through various activities and games. Reading and writing skills will continue to be developed.

  • Your child can have a conversation about their everyday life in Spanish.

    Students will learn proper mechanics and new skills to express their ideas, master a rich vocabulary, and read and write simple sentences and short paragraphs.

  • Your child possesses an expansive vocabulary, can converse about everyday situations, and read and write Spanish sentences that express many of their ideas and thoughts in the target language.

    Students will continue to expand upon the strong base they already have and learn new topics and structures. In addition, we will work on fluency and accent, with the conversation being the priority.

Schedule 2023-24, PDT

  • We offer ongoing classes from September 5th – June 13th, 2024
  • Group classes are one hour, once a week.
  • Form your small group class with your child’s friends on a day and time of your convenience.  Call us to schedule your tailor-made class today!

Bring your own group

Groups can be formed upon request. Form your own Pod of 5 students and get $50 OFF, plus each participant gets $10 OFF (credited towards the first month of tuition).

Registration / Materials fee
  • Registration/materials fee of $135 is charged for the year from Sep-June (non-refundable).
  • Each class is one hour long once a week.
  • Tuition is divided into ten equal recurring monthly payments, the last one being June.
  • We charge $165 for the Monday classes or $170 for the Tuesday-Friday classes.
  • We charge $175 for the Saturday class.
  • We charge $300 for the ADVANCE Thursday 5:30 pm class.