Spanish Immersion Online Book Clubs

For bilingual kids! Ages 7+

Spanish in Action offers fun, immersive, and interactive online book clubs for children who already read, write and speak Spanish. Book clubs are for those who would like to continue growing their knowledge, fluency and widen their vocabulary by conversing with native teachers who have decades of experience working in bilingual schools.

Our goal is to motivate, encourage, and inspire your child so they enjoy the journey to becoming bi-literate. Because we care deeply about each of our students and want them to feel comfortable sharing, growing, and learning, we strive to create a learning environment that is positive, upbeat, and supportive at every meeting.

Program highlights

  • Develop a love for reading and storytelling through inspiring books
  • Deepen engagement by reading classic and modern stories
  • Teens and adults will explore genres and learn about other cultures
  • Students discuss topics and current events of their interest
  • Explore characters, plot and settings in teacher-led discussions
  • Exchange Ideas and Dynamic Points-of-View
  • Everyone takes turns reading out loud in Spanish to better their fluency
  • Improve critical thinking skills and widen their imagination
  • Small groups of up to 4 students!

How to enroll

Parents get to form their own book clubs with their children’s friends. We create a tailor-made Spanish immersion book club accordingly to your goals and assign one of our hand-picked and experienced, native language teachers to your group. Your pod meets for one hour weekly on the scheduled day and time of your choosing.

Together, the teacher and your book club pod will set goals, address needs, and choose book preferences.

Small group class
  • Limited to 4 students ONLY!
  • Private Book Club: $320 monthly
  • Semi-private Book Club: $240 monthly per student
  • Small group up to 4: $180 monthly per student