Our Approach

The Spanish in Action program

Spanish in Action is an immersion program that makes learning Spanish a positive experience. We actively create a stimulating environment where kids feel comfortable participating in each activity and expressing themselves in new ways.

What sets us apart is our multi-dimensional program and engaged learning environment.  We use music and our original songs as powerful educational tools. They are scientifically proven to help young students remember information over time. Our original content activity books reinforce each new topic. Our curriculum includes positive messages, borrowing from rich Latin cultures, that create a warm and friendly experience.  We combine our proprietary tools with an interactive approach to learning a second language where kids stay engaged.

Our immersion classes provide a fun, engaging, high-quality, and educational experience that satisfies different learning styles so your child falls in love with the journey of becoming bilingual from an early age.

We carefully select each of our native teachers with 30+ years of experience teaching languages. They plan and deliver lessons with love and enthusiasm because we care deeply for our families and each of our students.

We thank our community for considering us a gem, and we are honored for having taught Spanish to over 8,000 students since 1986. This makes us the most experienced school in the South Bay.

Program highlights

  • We use Montessori-style methods and techniques
  • Our lessons are tailor-made to fit each child’s learning style
  • We teach useful vocabulary focused on conversation and family
  • Our lessons are reinforced with songs, activity books, acting, storytelling, food tastings & arts and crafts
  • We include learning about Latin cultures to facilitate an authentic connection with locals
  • Our teachers are top-notch native speakers with 30+ years of experience, allowing students to acquire a clear, native Spanish accent