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Published by: Admin (MB)

We are SO excited to share the launch of our YouTube channel with Spanish music videos for young kids to learn practical Spanish through song, the fun and easy way!

Research shows that exposing children to learning a second language early has significant advantages, and the benefits increase by using exciting music to learn it permanently.

We use these songs in class, and our students love them! This is a fantastic tool to motivate them to learn practical Spanish vocabulary. Use it at home, school, or on the go!

Feel free to forward them to your friends and kids’ teachers and help us spread the word so more children start learning Spanish and love the journey of becoming bilingual.

Remember to subscribe and like them! We have 20 more songs coming up!

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Why are we producing music videos? 

Dear families and teachers,

Did you know that even Alzheimer’s patients can recall songs? Have you ever found yourself singing one you haven’t heard for years and still remember the lyrics?

Music is an excellent tool, scientifically proven, to remain in our memories for decades, even a lifetime. We want kids to take advantage of quickly learning a second language through music, as it will stay with them forever! This is one of the components that sets us apart and makes our program different from other schools.

For these reasons, we needed to find updated, fun music with simple lyrics to motivate kids to learn Spanish as a second language quickly and effortlessly. Since we couldn’t find them on the market, we started producing them ourselves.

I sincerely hope your children like them as much as our students do!

With warm regards,

Maria P. Lastra